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Join Athena Carey as she shows you South Africa through her eyes, in this new and exclusive series of online video tutorials produced in collaboration with filmmaker Armand Dijcks.


Athena will take you on location to some of the most stunning sites in the Western Cape. You will feel as if you’re right beside her as she photographs a shipwreck on the southernmost point of the continent and a lighthouse at sunset. She will guide you through her thought process of how to plan a photography trip, how she chooses her subjects, and what she does once on location in order to capture the essence of each place.

Watch as she photographs a shipwreck on the southernmost tip of the continent, exquisite sand dunes by the sea, and a lighthouse at sunset. Afterwards Athena welcomes you into her home studio and shows you how she turns her favourite images into fine art photographs with just a few easy steps.

Athena will also bring you back into her studio to show you how she processes some of her favourite images from each location. Are you ready to join Athena in some of South Africa’s most beautiful landscapes?



What defines fine art photography and what goes into capturing fine art images? Athena shares her thoughts on these subjects and how to get a feel for a location. Included are insights on how to use light to your advantage.

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What is fine art photography?
Colour vs black & white photography 
Knowing your camera
Composition & orientation
Getting a feel for the location
Using the light to your advantage
(18 minutes)


Athena takes you on location to Danger Point lighthouse and to the shipwreck at Cape Agulhas, located at the southernmost tip of Africa. She shares her approach to preparation and shooting, and how to deal with changing weather and tides. Also included is how to approach composition.

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Preparation before visiting a location
Danger point lighthouse
Preparation and shooting Cape Agulhas shipwreck
Composition, dealing with weather and tides
(20 minutes)

PART III - ATHENA'S TIPS - from packing to post processing

Athena explains her workflow from raw to final image and shares her approach to photography and creating stunning panoramic images. Included are screencasts demonstrating importing, rating & metadata in Adobe Bridge, preparing the image using Dfine, black & white conversion in Silver Efex Pro, and finishing touches in Photoshop. Also included in this segment is a look inside Athena's photo bag.

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A look inside Athena's photo bag
Why shoot long exposures
Getting your shot in-camera
Importing, rating & metadata in Adobe Bridge
Preparing the image using Dfine
Black & white conversion in Silver Efex Pro
Finishing touches in Photoshop
Creating panoramic images
(37 minutes)


"This is one of the best things I have seen in a very long time. What I appreciate the most is that this tutorial feels 'elevated' and not gimmicky in any way. It is genuine, easy to follow, and inspiring to watch. 'Process' is vital, and anyone watching 'Africa With Athena' will value hearing about and learning what Athena grabbed -- and why -- out of her bag of skills and techniques, based on what she was feeling or experiencing. The imagery is wonderful, and I really find so much to see when I spend time looking at it. 'Africa With Athena' is a thing of beauty and power, and I am inspired!!!!!" ~Alan Thornton

"This is absolutely a recommendable video tutorial: original, educational and brought in a stylish and knowledgeable way." ~Joel Tjintjelaar

"It is rare to be thoroughly engulfed and transported into such photographic beauty. In Athena Carey’s 'Africa with Athena' video, I was educated, entertained and inspired by its content. Not only is she truly a gifted photographer, but an educator as well. From scouting locations, to final post-processing, Athena takes her viewers through every step of the way, in a manner that is not only entertaining, but easy to understand, no matter what your skill(s) are as a photographer. This is a must-see, must-have video adventure. I recommend this wholeheartedly and without any reservation." ~Stan Fong

"Brilliant work you guys. Enjoyed every minute watching it. For those who of you who haven't seen it, I highly recommend watching it." ~Sal Virji

"Downloaded and watched already, will go back to it a few times and let it sink in. Great supplement for the B&W fine art course too. SO, Africa, check. Where are we going with you next?" ~Rachael Smith


1 hour and 15 minutes of beautifully produced content, available for instant online download.


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