Graduate Resources

Past students can download instructional or critique videos for personal use.  Please use the contact option in the top menu to request videos.

Instructional Videos List:

Welcome Video

Creative Vision

Critique 1 Companion - Levels Adjustments

Critique 2 Companion - Curves Adjustments

Critique 3 Companion - Cloning and Healing

High and Low Contrast

Amplify vs Curves and Levels in Nik Software

Flip and Fill instead of Cloning and Healing

Brush Tool Settings

Clipped Tones Indicator in Photoshop

Locating Nik Tools Panel in Photoshop

Save for Web

Photoshop Straighten

Convert Files to sRGB

Warp Tool for Lens Distortion (Photoshop)

Using Masks in Photoshop - step by step

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