The Western Cape of South Africa 2015

Join Athena Carey for a fun filled adventure through the beautiful Western Cape of South Africa.  You've seen the photos, you may even have seen the videos, but now you can actually come along for the tour in person.

Athena will take you on location to some of the most stunning sites in the Western Cape. You will have the opportunity to stand right beside her, as together you photograph a shipwreck on the southernmost point of the continent, exquisite sand dunes by the sea,  a lighthouse at sunset and more!  She will guide you through how she "feels" a location, how she chooses her subjects, and what she does in order to capture the essence of each place.

In the spaces between shooting, you will be treated to delicious meals in the finest local restaurants, accommodation in a stunning seaside resort, and even a wine tour and tasting!

De Kelders 4610

More Information

Visit our website and sign up to express your interest in this once in a lifetime adventure.

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